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Hoia Baciu Forest


Near Cluj-Napoca, in Transylvania, Romania is a beautiful and ancient 250 hectare(729 acre) forest called Hoia Baciu. It is home to the oldest neolithic settlement in Romania. It’s primarily famous for its weirdness. Strange trees, health problems, sightings.The forest gained world wide fame when   an ex soldier called Emil Barnea.took pics of whatever the thing below is.

ozn-baciu-300x2931 The forest was first researched by Alexandru Sift, a biologist who recorded many occurrences, often without knowing.He would take pictures of strang shadows, or the forest itself and when the film was developed he would find UFOs, shapes, or creatures  looking back at him. Sift’s research has been continued by Adrian Patrut.

Upon entering the forest people often feel nauseous, headaches, dizziness, panic, and get rashes or burns.  Sounds suspiciously like radiation poisoning the the Geiger counters disagree. If you ignore the rashes it sounds like the affects of a high magnetic field.  this may explain the sightings, suicides, and voices but not the photos and video evidence, not sour about the round meadow were trees refuse to grow or the strangely friendly animals, probably the only friendly thing about the place. Unless it’s a trap.


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Hoia Baciu Forest


skin-walker/Yee Naldlooshi(Navajo)

The Navajo(Naabeehó Bináhásdzo) are American Natives who originally lived throughout Arizona and western New Mexico but now most live on a Reservation spanning part of Arizona and New Mexico.  As with all people they had strong beliefs and one of these beliefs was the use of witchcraft.  There are many forms of witchcraft but the one I will focus in are the witches and other individuals who are called skin-walkers or Yee Naldlooshi(“with it.. he goes on all fours”).

Skin-Walkers are usually men and they are not nice people.  In order to become this particular type of shape-shifter, a potential practitioner must take actions that the Navajo believe destroy one’s humanity.  Most other cultures would probably be in complete agreement.  These actions are killing a close relative, Perpetrating incest(not being a survivor of it) and necrophilia.

Once they become a skin-walker, they are even more of a threat due to their abilities.  These abilities include being able to shape-shift into any animal or person. Though the Coyote appears most common.  The ability to sound like any one or anything, and possibly hear thoughts. They are fast, capable of keeping up with cars and such, agile, and feed on fear(and sometimes people) the Navajo who believe hesitate to tell of their experience should they have one.

It doesn’t help that their experiences are terrifying. Not only do they stare into windows in the middle night but they pound on walls, doors, and windows with enough force to make it seem like the house is coming down. They would kill the occupants but fortunately they can’t enter a house with out an invite.  That’s often when the skin-walker’s vocal skills come into play as a lure to get someone out.  When they want to be more subtle they may leave signs, usually made from human body parts where they can be found. Or they just kill you with their corpse powder.(made with actual corpses)

Needless to say, telling a skin-walker from a regular person is not that easy.  They may be hairier then a regular person, but so are some regular people.  They may wear pelts that are taboo such as a bear, cougar, coyote, or wolf.  Pelts can be removed. One of the ways to find out they aren’t what they seem in human form is eye-shine.  The red-eye  you see when you take an animals picture. In their non-human form they don’t have the eye-shine and they move unnaturally fast.  Another way to tell is, should you actually injure one, a person shows up the next day with the same injury.

The way to stop a skin-walker is to call him or her by their full and true name. The will sicken and possibly die.  You can, if you can find a real one, a traditional healer who, if they are stronger then the skin-walker, will engage and drive him away.



This is an interpretation of an eye witness account by blue_tidal on reddit

Grinning Man

Grinning man is describes as a tall “man”,dresses in shiny green or blue coveralls or a chckered suit with a metal breast plate.They are about 7-8 feet tall, He has a domed head,no nose, wide-set beady eyes, hairless skin(@least on his head), and a “Shark like grin” that never wavers as he is telepathic.  He has been “heard” to refer to Himself as Indred Cold, appears to be interested in  UFO sightings, and  creeps  people out.

The first recorded sighting I know of was in in New Jersey.  Two boys were on the way home.when hey noticed a guy staring at them from behind the chain-link fence they just passed.  They were surprised by the sight of him as he wasn’t there before. They were afraid too as he gave them a predatory vibe, probably because of his tooth baring grin.  They are where we get his original description.

Yeth(Yell) Hounds

Houn-53_-_The_coal-black_Hound_(Hound_of_Baskervilles)Yell, Whist, Squire Cambell’s Hell Hound, whatever you call these beasts of Dartmoor, you don’t want to meet one. These hounds are described as large dogs that smell like sulfur. They have black coats and glowing eyes.  They hunt in packs in the night, sometimes with a huntsman, and loose horrible screams instead of barking.  If you hear them, it is said, put your affairs in order as your going to die soon.  If they decide your their prey you’re all ready dead or kidnapped.

No one knows where Yeth Hounds come from.  Theories range from the souls of dead babies to escaped melenistic Puma.

The Huntsman

A drunken farmer rode his pony through the Moor until he reached some standing stones.  Then he dismounted and took a nap against one on the stones.  After some time his pony became nervous and tried to escape.The farmer was startled awake when the pony’s hoof met with stone.  Realizing where he was he mounts his steed and begins towards home.  On his way he came across a hunter and hounds.  Ignoring how freaked his pony was the farmer addressed the hunter asking him for some of his kill.  The hunter agrees and gives the farmer a sack then disappeared.  The farmer starts off again and eventually made it home.  There, he and his wife look into the sack only to recoil in horror.  There, inside the sack, was the mangled corpse of their baby.

Dyltov Pass

Yuri(being hugged) couldn’t come because he was sick making him the only survivor

1959 a group of nine hikers suffered from a horrific and rather confusing event. Lead by Igor Dytlov, the group was on the way to Mt Orterten in Sverdlovisk Oblast, Russia. It was to be a round trip hike up to Orterten and back to the settlement of Vizhai. Afterwards they were to contact their sports club.

They never did.

At first, when they didn’t get in contact by Feb 12, everybody thought they were late, not uncommon when hiking up a mountain in winter Eventually family members pressured the local authorities to look for them.

What they found what frightening. In a pass on the side of a mountain known as Kholat Sayakhl  the 9 hikers where found dead.They had set up camp in an unprotected area and that camp was the first thing found. Under some snow was a tent that had been cut open from the inside instead of being unbuttoned(the tents didn’t have zippers) indicating they were in a hurry to get out.

A couple days later two of the hikers, Georgy Krivonischenko and Yury Doroshenko,, were found next to a spent fire.   They were under a pine whose branches were damaged as if one of them tried to climb it. The two were in their underclothes, bare feet, and their hands were burned.

Next was Dyatlov, he was found some ways away.  He was on his back clutching a branch his head turned toward camp. Soon after, the bodies of Rustem Slobodin and Zina Kolmogorova were found.  It appeared they were making a last ditch effort to return to camp.  Of the five Slobodin was the only one with internal injuries as it appeared something had fractured his skull.

Two months and 13ft(4m) on snow later the last four were found in a ravine 250 ft away from the pine.  THey had the worse injuries. Nicolas Thibeaux-Brignollel, Ludmila Dubinina, Alexander Kolevatov and Alexander Zolotaryovdid not die easily. Thibeaux-Brignollel’s skull had been crushed and Dubunina and Zolotarev had severely broken ribs. Dubinina’s toungue had been removed while she was alive.  For some reason none had showed signs of these injuries. The four had also appearently scavanged cloths from thier friends and in the case of Thibeaux-Brignolle, stolen a pair of watches.

Unfortunately, had search parties rallied sooner they would have found the same.  The Nine had died on Feb 1-2

What happened?

The official report states that a “Compelling  force” lured them out of the tent and they died of hypothermia. That doesn’t explain the broken bones(The tree may in at least one case), the radiation found on some of the cloths later(the lamps?) or why Dibuninia/s tongue was removed while she was alive.

What was that compelling force?  Why did Slobodin have a fractured skull? Did he fall from that tree?  Why would he be in the tree any way? Why didn’t any of the nine take proper cloths when the left the tent? and a lantern? Why weren’t the broken bones of the four found later consistent with falling into a ravine or being buried under so much snow?

Theories range from Avalanche to Yeti, what do you think?



The World According to Greenland: Inuit, Erqigdlit and Qavdlundt


“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth” – Marcus Aurelius

Erqigdlit? Erqigdlit?

Mankind has spent an inordinate amount of time pondering the question of why the dude that lives over the next hill doesn’t look like him, and such questions regarding the origins of racial diversity have preoccupied the human race pretty much since we started needing to answer the annoyingly persistent inquiries of our little Homo sapiens toddlers without sounding like complete morons.  The quick and dirty explanation is that it is all about in-groups and out-groups, or more accurately, the non-intersecting set of people we will ostensibly care about, and the set people that its okay to take advantage of (because they are not one of “us”).  Wolves form packs.  Monkeys form troops.  Humans identify races.  In our modern, enlightened world, there is a general consensus that race…

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Beauty is Only Skin Deep: Fear and Loathing on Valentine’s Day


Everybody wants somebody to love. Everybody wants somebody to love.

Ah, love is in the air!  Amidst the brisk commercial trade in chocolate, roses, heart-shaped cards, teddy bears, and jewelry that signifies Valentine’s Day has once again creeped up on us, those of you who have found Mr. or Mrs. Right (or at least “Right Now”) have cause to celebrate your good fortune.  For those unfortunates who are facing the grim prospect of a decidedly loveless day, be of good cheer, since it is never truly over until last call.  But while you make that last minute search for a true love or attractive playmate, beware, for in love there be monsters.  No, seriously.  You can’t swing a bat without hitting a mythological caveat about creatures that superficially appear as beautiful and seductive, thereby luring you away to your doom, and only once you’ve been trapped, show you their true monstrous natures.  Come to think…

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The Bunnyman

In Fairfax County, Virginia and into D.C there is an urban legend of a man in a bunny suit.  As with all legends, there are multiple versions.  The general version is the ghost of an ax murderer dressed like a rabbit who comes back on Halloween and brutally kills someone with his ax.

92bcecff040133b1cd7f19289f61231e  The stories probably originated in Burke, Virginia in the 1970s.  During this time a man dressed in a bunny suit threatened people. This happened twice, first an Air-force cadet and his girlfriend were threatened by a man in a white bunny suit, who wanted him off his property.

The second incident took place at a construction site.  A Security Guard caught a man dressed as a bunny trying to chop down an unfinished porch.  He was mumbling about trespassing.  By 1973 there was 54 versions of these two stories.

One of the most popular versions of the story involves an escaped mental patient(go figure)During a transfer the bus he were on crashed and he escaped.  Soon people found skinned, mutilated rabbits hanging in trees.  Then one day, instead of rabbits it was a person.  This incited the police to hunt him down and eventually corner him on the  Colchester Overpass.  Here he was hit by a train and has been haunting the overpass now often called “Bunnyman Bridge”.Bunnyman_bridge_night  Now he returns on Halloween and kills people.

People who research the legend find a few things off in this version.  There was not an asylum in the area  in 1904 when this was said to happen, for example.

Just a heads up, if you go to Bunnyman Bridge to see if you can find Bunnyman keep in mind that the police may not be to happy about it.


BunnyMan Bridge