Stories of the strange and mysterious

The Bunnyman

In Fairfax County, Virginia and into D.C there is an urban legend of a man in a bunny suit.  As with all legends, there are multiple versions.  The general version is the ghost of an ax murderer dressed like a rabbit who comes back on Halloween and brutally kills someone with his ax.

92bcecff040133b1cd7f19289f61231e  The stories probably originated in Burke, Virginia in the 1970s.  During this time a man dressed in a bunny suit threatened people. This happened twice, first an Air-force cadet and his girlfriend were threatened by a man in a white bunny suit, who wanted him off his property.

The second incident took place at a construction site.  A Security Guard caught a man dressed as a bunny trying to chop down an unfinished porch.  He was mumbling about trespassing.  By 1973 there was 54 versions of these two stories.

One of the most popular versions of the story involves an escaped mental patient(go figure)During a transfer the bus he were on crashed and he escaped.  Soon people found skinned, mutilated rabbits hanging in trees.  Then one day, instead of rabbits it was a person.  This incited the police to hunt him down and eventually corner him on the  Colchester Overpass.  Here he was hit by a train and has been haunting the overpass now often called “Bunnyman Bridge”.Bunnyman_bridge_night  Now he returns on Halloween and kills people.

People who research the legend find a few things off in this version.  There was not an asylum in the area  in 1904 when this was said to happen, for example.

Just a heads up, if you go to Bunnyman Bridge to see if you can find Bunnyman keep in mind that the police may not be to happy about it.


BunnyMan Bridge





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