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Beauty is Only Skin Deep: Fear and Loathing on Valentine’s Day


Everybody wants somebody to love. Everybody wants somebody to love.

Ah, love is in the air!  Amidst the brisk commercial trade in chocolate, roses, heart-shaped cards, teddy bears, and jewelry that signifies Valentine’s Day has once again creeped up on us, those of you who have found Mr. or Mrs. Right (or at least “Right Now”) have cause to celebrate your good fortune.  For those unfortunates who are facing the grim prospect of a decidedly loveless day, be of good cheer, since it is never truly over until last call.  But while you make that last minute search for a true love or attractive playmate, beware, for in love there be monsters.  No, seriously.  You can’t swing a bat without hitting a mythological caveat about creatures that superficially appear as beautiful and seductive, thereby luring you away to your doom, and only once you’ve been trapped, show you their true monstrous natures.  Come to think…

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