Stories of the strange and mysterious

Dyltov Pass

Yuri(being hugged) couldn’t come because he was sick making him the only survivor

1959 a group of nine hikers suffered from a horrific and rather confusing event. Lead by Igor Dytlov, the group was on the way to Mt Orterten in Sverdlovisk Oblast, Russia. It was to be a round trip hike up to Orterten and back to the settlement of Vizhai. Afterwards they were to contact their sports club.

They never did.

At first, when they didn’t get in contact by Feb 12, everybody thought they were late, not uncommon when hiking up a mountain in winter Eventually family members pressured the local authorities to look for them.

What they found what frightening. In a pass on the side of a mountain known as Kholat Sayakhl  the 9 hikers where found dead.They had set up camp in an unprotected area and that camp was the first thing found. Under some snow was a tent that had been cut open from the inside instead of being unbuttoned(the tents didn’t have zippers) indicating they were in a hurry to get out.

A couple days later two of the hikers, Georgy Krivonischenko and Yury Doroshenko,, were found next to a spent fire.   They were under a pine whose branches were damaged as if one of them tried to climb it. The two were in their underclothes, bare feet, and their hands were burned.

Next was Dyatlov, he was found some ways away.  He was on his back clutching a branch his head turned toward camp. Soon after, the bodies of Rustem Slobodin and Zina Kolmogorova were found.  It appeared they were making a last ditch effort to return to camp.  Of the five Slobodin was the only one with internal injuries as it appeared something had fractured his skull.

Two months and 13ft(4m) on snow later the last four were found in a ravine 250 ft away from the pine.  THey had the worse injuries. Nicolas Thibeaux-Brignollel, Ludmila Dubinina, Alexander Kolevatov and Alexander Zolotaryovdid not die easily. Thibeaux-Brignollel’s skull had been crushed and Dubunina and Zolotarev had severely broken ribs. Dubinina’s toungue had been removed while she was alive.  For some reason none had showed signs of these injuries. The four had also appearently scavanged cloths from thier friends and in the case of Thibeaux-Brignolle, stolen a pair of watches.

Unfortunately, had search parties rallied sooner they would have found the same.  The Nine had died on Feb 1-2

What happened?

The official report states that a “Compelling  force” lured them out of the tent and they died of hypothermia. That doesn’t explain the broken bones(The tree may in at least one case), the radiation found on some of the cloths later(the lamps?) or why Dibuninia/s tongue was removed while she was alive.

What was that compelling force?  Why did Slobodin have a fractured skull? Did he fall from that tree?  Why would he be in the tree any way? Why didn’t any of the nine take proper cloths when the left the tent? and a lantern? Why weren’t the broken bones of the four found later consistent with falling into a ravine or being buried under so much snow?

Theories range from Avalanche to Yeti, what do you think?




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