Stories of the strange and mysterious

Yeth(Yell) Hounds

Houn-53_-_The_coal-black_Hound_(Hound_of_Baskervilles)Yell, Whist, Squire Cambell’s Hell Hound, whatever you call these beasts of Dartmoor, you don’t want to meet one. These hounds are described as large dogs that smell like sulfur. They have black coats and glowing eyes.  They hunt in packs in the night, sometimes with a huntsman, and loose horrible screams instead of barking.  If you hear them, it is said, put your affairs in order as your going to die soon.  If they decide your their prey you’re all ready dead or kidnapped.

No one knows where Yeth Hounds come from.  Theories range from the souls of dead babies to escaped melenistic Puma.

The Huntsman

A drunken farmer rode his pony through the Moor until he reached some standing stones.  Then he dismounted and took a nap against one on the stones.  After some time his pony became nervous and tried to escape.The farmer was startled awake when the pony’s hoof met with stone.  Realizing where he was he mounts his steed and begins towards home.  On his way he came across a hunter and hounds.  Ignoring how freaked his pony was the farmer addressed the hunter asking him for some of his kill.  The hunter agrees and gives the farmer a sack then disappeared.  The farmer starts off again and eventually made it home.  There, he and his wife look into the sack only to recoil in horror.  There, inside the sack, was the mangled corpse of their baby.


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