Stories of the strange and mysterious


This is an interpretation of an eye witness account by blue_tidal on reddit

Grinning Man

Grinning man is describes as a tall “man”,dresses in shiny green or blue coveralls or a chckered suit with a metal breast plate.They are about 7-8 feet tall, He has a domed head,no nose, wide-set beady eyes, hairless skin(@least on his head), and a “Shark like grin” that never wavers as he is telepathic.  He has been “heard” to refer to Himself as Indred Cold, appears to be interested in  UFO sightings, and  creeps  people out.

The first recorded sighting I know of was in in New Jersey.  Two boys were on the way home.when hey noticed a guy staring at them from behind the chain-link fence they just passed.  They were surprised by the sight of him as he wasn’t there before. They were afraid too as he gave them a predatory vibe, probably because of his tooth baring grin.  They are where we get his original description.


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