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Hoia Baciu Forest


Near Cluj-Napoca, in Transylvania, Romania is a beautiful and ancient 250 hectare(729 acre) forest called Hoia Baciu. It is home to the oldest neolithic settlement in Romania. It’s primarily famous for its weirdness. Strange trees, health problems, sightings.The forest gained world wide fame when   an ex soldier called Emil Barnea.took pics of whatever the thing below is.

ozn-baciu-300x2931 The forest was first researched by Alexandru Sift, a biologist who recorded many occurrences, often without knowing.He would take pictures of strang shadows, or the forest itself and when the film was developed he would find UFOs, shapes, or creatures  looking back at him. Sift’s research has been continued by Adrian Patrut.

Upon entering the forest people often feel nauseous, headaches, dizziness, panic, and get rashes or burns.  Sounds suspiciously like radiation poisoning the the Geiger counters disagree. If you ignore the rashes it sounds like the affects of a high magnetic field.  this may explain the sightings, suicides, and voices but not the photos and video evidence, not sour about the round meadow were trees refuse to grow or the strangely friendly animals, probably the only friendly thing about the place. Unless it’s a trap.


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Hoia Baciu Forest